Finding the narrow gate that leads to life.

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When I was a young man, I was a fool. It wasn’t my fault, I just didn’t know enough but I should have known better. My father tried to tell me. My mother tried to warn me. “How could they possibly know what I was feeling? How could they understand my life?” Those are the questions and doubts many young adults carry within them as they step onto their path. I was already so sure my decisions were infallible.

Little did I know. How very, very little.

I was in my early twenties and I couldn’t have picked a worse…

“The wind is never for the sailor who knows not to which port he is bound.”- Og Mandino

Bluenose I. Nova Scotia Archives-Bluenose: A Canadian Icon.

My feet are so small. I have to run fast all the way down the hall. I have to find Dad. I have to hurry. I have to be fast. I know Dad will have it. Dad always has what I need.

I can’t see! Why won’t my tears fall out of the way? I blink and blink but my eyes are blurry from the water.

Papa wants to go now. He said he would wait for me but I can’t waste…

Cameron Grey. Visionary Art. Spirit Science (

How Determined is the Universe to Push You on Your Path?

I know this guy. A very close friend. I’ve known him since he was a baby, really one could say we couldn’t be any closer. He’s genuinely a really good guy. He’s funny, witty, quick, and clever. He’s generous to his friends and even strangers oftentimes. He’s a terrific father, and though he’s hard on himself, he’s a pretty decent husband. When obstacles arose, he overcame them. When troubles showed up, he worked through them. He has a seemingly bottomless well of patience and is almost annoyingly positive.

He’s great to work for and with. Very capable and has a…

A father and daughter’s camping trip brings new discoveries.

The truck was loaded full to the canopy roof and with a good shove on the tailgate the supplies for the camp were secured. He went back inside to gather his daughter, double-checking nothing was left behind and saying goodbye to his wife; the first camping trip of the season was on.

His daughter jumped into the front seat and arranged her sketchbook and pencils, buckled her seat belt, and selected the playlist for the drive into the mountains. Helping his old dog into the back seat, complete with his blanket…

In a world full of nuts, Hungarians are among the nuttiest

Photo by Author. Cake also by Author.

Walk into any café or restaurant in Hungary or one local to you bearing a Hungarian name, and you are guaranteed to find an assortment of deliciously decadent and surprisingly light desserts, pastries, and cakes that are layered coated, filled, or baked with nuts. We, Hungarians, do well with almonds and cherish chestnuts, but the walnut is king above all others.

Before I go into a shortlist of magnificent Hungarian walnut sweets and give up the recipe to a favorite family cake, let me share some fantastic factual information about the wonder of walnuts.

Most nuts are excellent sources of…

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Devlin MacGregor was a voyeur. He watched everything. He missed very little.

His favorite hobby was people-watching, and his favorite among a gallery was women. He was constantly swept away by the subtlety of their beauty, charmed by the nuances of femininity. He was seduced continuously by the intricacies of their movements, fingers sweeping strands of hair behind a delicate ear, a manicured fingertip tapping a lower lip in contemplation. A half-smile revealed a private pleasure or a sidelong glance to steal a closer look at someone or something that teased a fleeting thought of temptation. …

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Stories have always been an essential part of our lives. Stories listened to from parents nestled next to us in bed. With our eyes open or closed we drew the pictures to the words being read.

In my family, reading has been a mainstay from the very first days. My daughter loved story time but even more than any of the books filling her bookshelf, she always asked me, “Daddy? Can you tell me a story?”

I would always start with reaching for a book when she would plead, “No Daddy, not a book story. A YOUR story!” and with…

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Danny’s finger tapped the red phone icon on his smartphone screen, ending Sara’s distressing call. Looking at the ornate miniature grandfather clock set on the mantle above his fireplace, Danny regarded the time, making a note of when the intricate hand-carved, polished white bone hands of the clock would mark twenty minutes. Being a long-time officer, detective, and then special investigator during his law enforcement career, Danny had seen much and liked to think that he learned the workings of an unwell mind. …

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Corrine knew this summer was going to be great. Her bright blue eyes scanned the changing landscape. Living in the center of the Canadian Prairie Provinces, her eyes had become ill of seeing endless fields and a great, vast, featureless horizon. Yes, the sky was more prominent than big, an overhead ocean of blue in the day, and at night, a black blanket permeated with pinholes of gleaming glitter. But now, she was leaving the most often mundane existence behind.

Fantastically massive mountains loomed ahead; the West was a great granite wall. The North and South were staggering stone barricades…

Arpad Nagy

1st generation Canadian-Hungarian Father, Fly fisher, Chef, Reader, Leader, and working on writer.

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