Mild Epiphanies and Random Revelations #31 + A Bonus Revelation

A dose of chaos and a toxic tummy.

Arpad Nagy
4 min readApr 27


Photo by Saeid Anvar:

Epiphany — Sometimes things are exactly as they seem.

This past weekend, like most, was a beehive of activity. My daughter organized an outing to the big city with her girlfriends. I shuttled in one pack of girls, then darted around the city, attending to a few chores.

Then, I rushed home to deal with a wonky washing machine and reluctantly operating dryer and traded off the car for my wife to gather up the gang.

I repaired the washing machine and prayed for the dryer to keep on keeping on. But, unfortunately, that one will require either a new pulley belt or a motor. Empathizing with the 10-year-old machine, we only run half loads. The poor thing is tired.

Revelation — Minor wrenches thrown into plans make for interesting days.

A few days before the weekend activity, my niece messaged my daughter, telling her that their family might be traveling to the city over the weekend, and if so, she would like to be dropped off at our place so the girls, practically sisters, could spend some time together.

My daughter told us of this development, and then we never heard another word from my niece or her mother — my sister.

The group activity in the city concluded, but the fun hadn’t. The girls arranged a slumber party (not at our place, thank goodness), and everything seemed kosher.

My wife, wanting to ensure nothing went sideways, had me message my sister to verify any plans for their arrival. No response — radio silence.

Things seemed all clear, then, just as I was pulling the car around, heading to the slumber party house to drop off my daughter’s overnight bag, when I recognized the car pulling onto our street. My sister and crew jam-packed into their Subaru wagon.

They do that. They are a “live in the present moment” family, and sometimes the fallout is chaos.

Plans changed, and my daughter left the slumber party and returned home to spend the evening with her cousin. Though a bit uncomfortable, it was…